“Mobile Rites”

To see video documentation of completed performance on April 18, 2011 http://vimeo.com/22835011

Perceptions of privacy, security, anonymity, and the world of cyber socialization all serve to reflect, amplify and sometimes distort our physical lived experiences.

Mobile Rites is an interactive performance exploring the social paradoxes we’re all confronted with when traditional territories, like faith, ritual and social behavior converge with new technologies.

An attendant hands invitations to bystanders and directs them into one of three private booths. Within, participants call and leave a personal life message: secret, lie or truth. Interpreter listens to, performs and scribes these narratives thus creating a rebirth of this sharing, acted out in a new form of witness.

At end, the evidence of these interactions are all released and reconstituted in the forms of diffused elements and energy into the infinity of “all that is”.

If unable to attend I invite you to participate by calling 207 249 3175 from 10am-12:45pm on the new date April 18th and share


you may have told someone


about something in your life


you have been keeping to yourself

It will then be included in the performance.

Anonymity is guaranteed as long as you do not leave your name.


Original April 4th performance was postponed due to winter storm.

Dennis’ Artist Statement

As an artist it is my intent to create that which inspires, questions, creates awareness, educates, invokes an emotional response or creates a new experience for the participant and most importantly enriches the lives of those viewing or interacting with my work.

The body of my work is focused primarily on interactive engagements that investigate; space, time, humor, impermanence, infinity, flux and perceived reality. Investigations of social, behavioral, natural environs and physical norms are all impacting factors.

I create impermanent and perceived permanent manifestations through series of physical, meditative and ritualistic genres that attempt to interpret exchanged moments, cycles, passages, references and questions relating to the significance and purpose of being human.

Image from "Channeling Frank"

Dennis’ Bio

Dennis St. Pierre is entering his 3rd year as a student working on a Masters of Fine Arts in Intermedia Studies at University of Maine, in Orono. He is a multidisciplinary artist primarily working in Performance and Photography. His works intertwine disciplines of video, sculpture, installation, audio, web and multimedia. He has been a professional actor, singer, director, producer in theater, film and the recording industries for over 20 years.

For other professional work & bios please visit my other websites www.dennisstpierre.com and www.dsantropeimd.wordpress.com

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