Save The Date! Invitation to "CAST"“CAST”

Through role expectations and elaborate clothing, “Cast” contemplates traditional wedding rituals.  Just as a broken bone is placed inside a cast to heal, women are often thought of as incomplete and marriage is viewed as a chrysalis resulting in completion.

Amy’s Artist Statement

In my work, I strive to convey a concept and I choose the visual medium to best express that.  I do this through photography, film, and costume-making.  Though I rarely appear in the images I create, I consider all of my work to be self-portraiture.  I feel that the more personal you make something, the more universal it becomes.  I seek to transcend the frame by addressing subjects that make me personally vulnerable and emotionally charged.

I am influenced by rituals, fears, imperfections, and obsessions.  Through elaborately constructed narratives, I address stereotypical views of women, which are a reoccurring theme in my work.  I am fascinated by both the absurdity and truth of gender roles and how they are commonly defined in di­fferent cultures.

I am drawn to the societal traditions surrounding weddings, and the role expectations of both women and men.  I have explored subjects such as perceived physical and psychological weakness, emotional dependency, sexual objectification, and cultural obsessions with youth and naiveté.

Amy’s Bio

Amy Pierce was born in Yonkers, New York where she made movies with her sisters, the family video camera, and loads of fake blood.  Later she moved to Connecticut where she got made fun of for having a weird accent and learned to take pictures.  After most likely spending an unhealthy amount of time in the darkroom, printing a myriad of self-initiated projects, she received a BFA from the University of Connecticut.  Directly following she was off­ to New York City, guided by her affinity for visual expression, where she started her own business and worked as a commercial and editorial photographer for over 10 years, while simultaneously developing her artistic vision.

She has continued to shoot and publish work for clients that include: AT&T, BBDO, Anglo Irish Bank, Phillips de Pury & Co., Random House, Pantheon Books, Gianluca Isaia, Tishman Speyer; The Village Voice, NY Press, Japanese Playboy, Platinum Plus, Velvet Park, XLR8R, DIW, TRACE and L’ETOILE magazines.

She has had photographs exhibited in group shows throughout the New York area, including one at the Brooklyn Museum and the Museum of Sex in New York City.  Her work is currently in the permanent collection of the Museum of Sex.  Her short film, Maypole, was an official selection of Independent Film Project’s short film screening and has been included in several group shows nationally.

Amy just began the Intermedia MFA program at the University of Maine and is excitedly engaging in new creative territory.